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Production Planner/Scheduler

Job Description:

Oversees and executes the planning of manufacturing. Plans, coordinates and executes production scheduling activities necessary to meet the company’s finished goods production and inventory goals. . Maintains and controls raw material and finished goods inventory. Responds to and supports the company’s total needs consistent with maximizing return on investment of all monies spent for raw materials, manpower, and working capital.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the prioritizing and scheduling of all production activities ensuring materials, manpower, and machinery availability for timely order completion.
  • Ensure on-time delivery of products and information to customers.
  • Work with sales, customer service and plant operations to assign average forecasts, seasonal profiles, status codes, and other planning system parameters.
  • Communicate with customer service/sales staff for all pertinent information which might affect the planning, manufacturing, or shipment of product to the customer.
  • Review customer orders, compare to forecast and plan, and control "drop-in" orders, "pull-up" orders and cancellations.
  • Ensure that component parts arrive on the production floor as scheduled and track the orders as they are completed for all items.
  • Coordinate new product launches, including analysis of forecasts, monitoring successes and failures.
  • Coordinate new and existing product samples and trials.
  • Analyze and adjust lead-times, forecasts, and all other parameters of assigned vendors.
  • Oversee and coordinate physical inventories and cycle counts.
  • Monitor and manage component and finished goods inventories and review shortages, excess and obsolete items.
  • Control custom-made stock to eliminate obsolescence.
  • Work with material handling personnel to minimize materials issues and streamline product flow paths.
  • Seek out waste and excess cost and develop and implement cost reduction methods and strategies.
  • Prepare management reports on plans and activities.

Experience/Knowledge/Skills Requirements:

  • Experience using software-based production scheduling and materials management systems.
  • Release work orders to shop floor and data enter.
  • A good understanding of lean manufacturing principles is preferred.
  • Should have strong converted-paper product knowledge or ability to learn product offerings.
  • Strong team player.
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Good problem solver with systems-oriented thought process.
  • Should be detail-oriented with strong analytical skills.
  • Must have good organizational skills.
  • Strong PC skills required, including MS Office software.
  • Ability to set, prioritize and communicate goals.
  • Ability to handle emergency or unusual situations effectively.
  • Must display a high level of maturity, integrity and sound judgment.
  • Must be highly motivated with ability to perform multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.

Salary - $50 - $60K

Please email resume with cover letter and pay requirements to info@DurkeePersonnel.com.

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