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Durkee Personnel is a full-service job placement agency specializing in Administrative Office Support opportunities in NH, ME & MA. A significant number of employers enlist the assistance of a staffing firm to save valuable time and resources when hiring new employees.

Each and every individual that registers with DURKEE has a unique situation when conducting a job search, and your employment goals are important to us. A personalized interview aids us in ascertaining the right job situation for you. We want to understand your areas of interest, skills set, preferred travel distance, salary and benefits requirements.

We offer part-time, full-time, temporary, temporary to permanent and direct permanent hiring options. Click Job Openings to view our current openings.

Apply online to info@DurkeePersonnel.com and attach your resume for review. If there is a specific position of interest, please indicate the job title. You will be contacted by email or phone to schedule an appointment.


Temporary Placement

Consider short or long term job opportunities that match your availability.

  • Maintain skills and acquire new ones
  • Learn about new organizations and potential career options
  • Temporary jobs have the potential of developing into permanent positions
  • Gain experience that adds to your resume
  • Fill a financial need
Temporary to Permanent or Direct Permanent Placement

Consider temporary job opportunities that may lead to a permanent position.

  • Interview with employers that are hiring for key permanent positions.
  • A temporary to permanent placement option is a perfect way to ensure the position you have been selected for is the right fit for you and for the potential employer.
  • You are considered a DURKEE employee during the designated probation period, and when hired permanently, are eligible for benefits specific to that organization.
  • A direct permanent hire is exactly that. If you are selected as the permanent candidate of choice after the interviewing process with a DURKEE client, you are hired immediately.
  • No placement fees to applicants.
Durkee Personnel is available daily to personally discuss your job search needs at (603) 964-7183.

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